About Us

The Sunflower Day Care Group provide a childcare partnership for parents across Tameside.

We educate children from birth through to school & beyond.

Our team are passionate about  care and education and have a clear vision and high expectations for each unique child. Through a strong partnership with our families we educate and innovate to prepare children to be confident, resilient lifelong learners. We are far more than just education. We offer a safe environment where your children become confident learners, equipping them with the skills for their journey into school and beyond.

Sunflower Core Values

Our core values are firmly embedded throughout our environments and our teams. They are the foundations and scaffolding for all that we do.

Our Team

Our team of Sunflowers are carefully selected for their caring enthusiastic commitment to learning.

Sunflower is led by our CEO Elaine Sagar who is very much hands on, inspiring and encouraging her team to ensure they are reaching for the stars  every single day.

Alongside Elaine our operations are led by our award winning Operations Director Dawn Gibbons. Our 11-strong senior management team are experienced, qualified educators and lead their team by example to ensure they focus on the well being of the children in their care. The core values are embedded into our culture and are visible in our environment each and every day.

Ensuring our team welfare is  at the top of our agenda enables us to promote a happy, caring environment and empowers our team to be confident and happy at work.

We continue to up skill our teams to ensure they are refreshed and inspired to deliver the best care and education. We have our own training school which is headed up by our Headmaster  and trainer Robert Wynn. Bob works with our team to deliver some of our mandatory basic training – Safeguarding, health and safety and first aid. Bob delivers regular sessions for our apprentices to ensure they have additional support and following his own retraining is currently designing forest school, maths and other innovative courses to deliver to our team.