Sunflower Childcare Group

The Sunflower Childcare Group is an innovative group of family owned day nurseries based in Tameside. Established by  our CEO Elaine Sagar to offer full flexible day care and a support partnership for families. Sunflower is owned and managed by Mum’s who aim to deliver the best care possible to innovate and educate each unique child. We ensure the best start in the important early years from birth to school and beyond. 

As a paperless nursery, a transparent communication system is used which enables parents to access their child’s learning 24/7.  Throughout the day parents receive electronic updates, enabling them to feel part of their child’s day and not missing any precious moments. 

We PROMISE to be more than just a day nursery.

As a full service day nursery our children and parents are at the heart of everything that we do. We partner with parents to deliver far more than just education.

Our News

What’s going on at our nurseries?  For detailed information about  our activities, events and news take a look here.

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Fantastic team at Sunflower! My little boy started off really hard, wouldn’t let me leave him for 10 minutes, he suffered separation anxiety. But thanks to all the efforts, care, enthusiasm and support from the team - he absolutely loves it there now and walks off me to stay in the nursery very easily. Fantastic team and place!
Irina Gleeson
Hyde Nursery