Every Day at Sunflower is as unique as your child.

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Our team of experienced practitioners plan activities in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage ( EYFS). Whilst they ensure they follow the interests of your child to engage them in a fun learning environment, our team plan next steps to meet the children’s learning requirements . Our excellent partnership with parents respects that you are your child’s first educator and we encourage an all round approach to maximise the learning opportunities both at the centre and at home.

Our approach to learning is through fun filled days, encouraging and enhancing  child led activities to maximise the children’s opportunities.

Our team are trained to get to know their families and key children throughly to enable them to ensure they tailor each childs learning. We keep our paperwork to a minimum whilst following a simple next step assessment system.  Parents receive daily updates and pictures through our Daily Connect app and access to their child’s learning through our tapestry online learning journal.

Maths is All Around Us

The world we live in is full of mathematics. From the numbers on our doors, to the times in our television guides or the numbers on our mobile phones they are all around us. We celebrate numeracy in all that we do, ensuring we do not miss a moment to maximise the vast opportunities all around us to celebrate maths.

Healthy Days

All of our nurseries are all weather centres designed to ensure children are able to get out and enjoy the fresh air and physical activity what ever the weather, This ensures they have plenty of opportunities to have fresh air, physical exercise and most of all healthy fun.

Speech and Language

Speech and Language is an important part of all that we do with your children. We have a Speech and Language Champion who leads to ensure all of our practitioners are unskilled to deliver the best support .

From using early sign language and makaton in the baby room all methods of communication are embedded into our culture and practice in every room.

Circle time and stories are a key part of modelling language for our children.